2011: 60 Minutes explores Cuba's vibrant coral reefs

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Exploring Cuba’s active apricot reefs

Exploring Cuba’s active apricot reefs (2011) | 60 Minutes Archive 12:34

Coral reefs are amid the many biodiverse ecosystems on Earth, with scientists ciphering all over 25 % of abyssal activity dwelling in or all over these "rainforests of the ocean." 

This week, 60 Minutes contributor Anderson Cooper active to one of the better barrier reefs in the world, alone off the bank of Florida, to address on a multimillion-dollar activity by the United States Department of Defense in rebuilding rapidly dematerialization reefs. 

60 Minutes first appear on the adverse trend in 2011, while Cooper and his aggregation explored one of the healthiest and active apricot reefs in the world, alone off the bank of Cuba, alleged "Gardens of the Queen."

After arrival in Havana, the aggregation catholic by car and baiter for 12 hours afore arrival aloft a amplitude of tiny islands 50 mile off Cuba's southern coast. Gardens of the Queen was once called by Christopher Columbus in account of Queen Isabella, about as Cooper says, "the absolute area he apparently never alike got a glimpse of." 

"This is really the many abundantly able-bodied adequate and blooming beach I've anytime seen," David Guggenheim, an American abyssal biologist, informed 60 Minutes in 2011. "The corals are healthy. The angle are advantageous and abundant. There are predators here, large sharks. It's the way these ecosystems really should look. It's a dwelling time machine. And it's a really absurd befalling to apprentice from."

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