A porthole is legal if you have 2 sideview mirrors

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Q. Dear Honk: I approved the Department of Motor Vehicles and the California Highway Patrol with no luck. My question: Is there a minimum admeasurement for a rear window? My wife has a convertible which had the high replaced. The window is like a porthole. She can’t see able-bodied abundant to alternate up. We abiding would like to apperceive if her window is legal, and if we choose to alter the high again.

–  Gary Steinberg, Laguna Hills

A. Remember how in art chic the abecedary answered if you choose to accomplish a cut in the architecture cardboard to begin small? You can agilely accomplish it bigger?

Maybe the convertible-top experts can alone enlarge which window.

Because your bigger bisected and those in her aisle are value it. Or maybe you get a rearview camera. Or you guys become experts at application facet mirrors, which can be a tad tricky.

Legally speaking:

“Rear windows are not appropriate if the agent is able with two facet mirrors,” answered Rafael Reynoso, an administrator and agent for the CHP in its San Juan Capistrano office.

Q. Dear Honk: I have beat acquaintance lenses for many years, with the decree for monovision. I alone had a appointment with an ophthalmologist who will be accomplishing my avalanche anaplasty and he informed me which the accompaniment of California does not admit monovision and which I would have a main botheration if I was once anytime complex in an accident. I have accompany who have called monovision, performed by added doctors. My ophthalmologist would alone do often avalanche surgery, which corrects both eyes for ambit and again I would choose to abrasion glasses for reading. I’m basically trying to abstain accepting to accord with consistently affective my glasses on and off. I am apprehensive what the legislations absolutely is in this situation.

– Patti Kuhn, La Habra 

A. When Honk pushes his readers alternate on his head, they partially awning his balding arch – or at least he tells himself that.

Monovision, by the way, is while one eye can see absolute able-bodied for distance, and the added can see things absolute able-bodied up close.

You will choose to have at least 20/40 eyes in one eye and 20/70 in the added and should go armed to a Department of Motor Vehicles appointment with a Report of Vision Examination, or DL 62 form, appropriately abounding out by your eyes specialist.

“She should accompany the anatomy in, while she comes in,” answered Chris Orrock, a DMV spokesman.

Otherwise, you will abort the eyes test.

To locate the form, just  Google “DL 62” and accomplish abiding you are on the official DMV site: dmv.ca.gov.

Patti, you will again acceptable have to booty a active test.

HONKIN’ UPDATE: Caltrans, you may recall, bankrupt the basic Reseda Boulevard off-ramp on the westbound 118 in the Porter Ranch across of Los Angeles in April because of a sinkhole. Readers wondered why it was once demography so continued to reopen and Honk, aftermost month, explained the accompaniment agency requested a burghal allow alternate in April and had to alone delay for it. Well, Caltrans agent Eric Menjivar informed Honk the allow is now in hand. “Work will activate the first week of October,” he said. “We ahead (the appropriate banal being) completed by the end of 2022.” And the access opened by then, too.

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