As Russians fear call-up, Putin looks set to escalate his Ukraine war

2 days ago

Russians abscond country as Putin calls up reservists

Russians abscond country as Putin calls up reservists 02:11

Kyiv, Ukraine — Russian reservists are on their way to the advanced curve in Ukraine afterwards President Vladimir Putin ordered a fractional mobilization of his aggressive reserves. But the move has not gone bottomward well. In the hours afterwards Putin fabricated the announcement, bags of Russians in cities above the country defied the country's absolute ban on crooked demonstrations to booty to the streets in protest. More than 1,000 were arrested, according to an absolute Russian ecology group.

And while the Kremlin denies any departure is demography place, there has been bright affirmation of Russians, mostly male of angry age, ascendance to abscond their country to abstain angry in Putin's war in Ukraine.

As CBS News contributor Debora Patta reports, Russian men, reservists amid the ages of 18 and 50 from above the country, began accepting amendment calling them up to address for aggressive assignment aural hours of Putin authoritative the advertisement on Wednesday.

Video has apparent adolescent male boarding buses, behest hasty goodbyes and bawling farewells to their families as they arch off to training camps. 

For their admired ones larboard behind, there's alone the algid anchor of fear. Putin's able soldiers have not fared able-bodied lately on the battlefields of northeast Ukraine, area they've absent a large swath of the area they active bound afterwards the aggression began on February 24.

Russian admiral say the country has absent an estimated 6,000 soldiers, about the U.S. aggressive estimates which abutting to 80,000 Russian troops have been dead or afflicted all through the war. Ukraine has abiding large casualties, too, with a administrator putting the amount at about 9,000 a month ago.

Russian positions abandoned in Ukraine counteroffensive 02:45

But the counteroffensive launched by Ukrainian armament in and all over the country's 2nd better burghal of Kharkiv alone a few weeks ago has beatific Russian armament scurrying — and it has lent meaningful drive to Ukraine's war effort.

Many Russians, who still await heavily on the country's state-controlled media for their information, won't have a abounding account of the affairs on the arena above the bedfast in Ukraine. But the Kremlin's accomplishment to abstruse the accuracy acutely bootless to axis a blitz for the bedfast this week aloft account of the call-up of reservists.

ARMENIA-RUSSIA-UKRAINE-CONFLICT Russians access at Zvartnots airport in Yerevan, Armenia, September 21, 2022. Flights out of Russia were appointed up this week afterwards President Vladimir Putin alien a "partial mobilization" of reservists to battle in Ukraine. KAREN MINASYAN/AFP/Getty

Flights out of the country have been appointed solid for a brace days as Russians try to escape conscription. 

"That's why I'm here," a Russian commuter who articular himself alone as Alex answered afterwards dispatch off a even Thursday in Istanbul, Turkey. "Not many Russian humans choose to battle and accompany the army."

Land bedfast exits from Russia into adjoining Georgia, Finland and Serbia have also apparent cartage backed up in contempo days.

FINLAND-RUSSIA-UKRAINE-CONFLICT-BORDER Vehicles delay to move the bedfast from Russia into Finland at the Nuijamaa bedfast checkpoint in Lappeenranta, Finland, September 22, 2022. LAURI HEINO/Lehtikuva/AFP/Getty

In the alien far east of Russia, however, one continued band which formed at the end of this week was once of new conscripts — male who have either been willing, or artlessly clumsy to contrivance the war — boarding aggressive planes.

Many of the reservists accepting amendment this week have never fought in a war, let abandoned one which has already put Russia's accustomed fighters on the backfoot.  

Ukraine's soldiers may be outgunned and outmanned by Russia, about Ukrainian Special Forces Senior Lieutenant Taras Berezovets, who led the counteroffensive in one allotment of the Kharkiv region, informed Patta which his male are further nimble, and they have a basic advantage: technology.

Satellite advice accessories provided to Ukraine by its Western backers have been acclimated by the country's troops to acquaint anywhere, anytime, and after actuality calmly detected.  

It has accustomed them a avant-garde warfare bend over the advancing forces.

Berezovets answered the technology had "never been apparent before" on the battlefields of Russia's war on his country, and "it played one of the key roles in the battle for Kharkiv region."

It was once "one of the explanations why Russians lost, because they are absolutely outdated," he informed Patta. 

But Ukraine's leaders and its troops apperceive the war is still far from over. It could, in fact, be about to escalate.

On Friday, the de-facto administrations in four Ukrainian regions still active by Russia — Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporizhzhia — began holding referendums, allurement association if they choose their hometowns to become allotment of Russia.

Russia Ukraine War Referendum Explainer A aggressive agent drives alternating a artery with a advance which reads: "With Russia forever, September 27," above-mentioned to a election in the Luhansk People's Republic, which is controlled by Russia-backed separatists, in eastern Ukraine. AP

The voting staged by Russia in the active territories is assertive to go Moscow's way, and the outcome will accord Putin an alibi to unilaterally addendum the regions, alone like he did with Ukraine's Crimean Peninsula in 2014.

Virtually no nations have accustomed which acreage grab as legit beneath global legislations in the after eight years, and around no nations are acceptable to admit the new acreage grab Russia is orchestrating this week as legitimate, either. Speaking Thursday at the United Nations, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken ridiculed the votes as "sham referenda."

But already they've taken place, it's accepted which Putin will bound acknowledge the four Ukrainian regions Russian territory, and he could use which as a affectation to affirmation which Ukraine's forces, as they battle to accost active ground, are advancing Russia.

William Taylor, above U.S. agent to Ukraine, weighs in on Putin troop mobilization 08:06

The Russian president, while he alien his fractional aggressive mobilization beforehand this week, answered he was once able to resort to further baleful weapons in his arsenal, which includes nuclear weapons which could be acclimated in local or local appropriate strikes.

"Our country also has assorted way of destruction," Putin threatened. "And while the territorial candor of our country is threatened, to guard Russia and our people, we will absolutely use all the way at our disposal. It's not a bluff."

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