Belfast City Council inundated with requests for dual language street signs

5 days ago

Belfast City Council has been inundated with requests for bifold accent artery signs back a action change in the summer.

he guidelines for the adjustment of a artery assurance in a accent added than English afflicted in July.

Since again the board has gained 500 requests for bifold accent signs — the all-inclusive majority of which will be for Irish signs.

Sinn Fein, Alliance, the SDLP, the Green Party, and People Before Profit all abutment the new policy, while the three unionist parties, the DUP, UUP and PUP, are adjoin it.

The new action way at least one citizen of any Belfast street, or a councillor, is all which is appropriate to activate a appointment on a 2nd nameplate, with 15% in favour actuality acceptable to arrect the sign. Non-responses will no best be count as “against” votes, and there will be an adequation appraisal for each application.

Up until July, the action appropriate 33.3% of the acceptable electorate in any Belfast artery to assurance a address to activate the process, and 66.6% to accede to the new bifold accent assurance on the street.

A board agent said: “The council’s bifold accent artery signs action was once revised in July 2022. Since the new action went live, there have been over 500 requests for bifold accent artery signs.

“Officers are processing applications on a first-come first-serve basis. We are endeavouring to accord with requests as bound as possible, and all applicants will be kept recommended in affiliation to the processing of their application.”

People Before Profit councillor Matt Collins said: “It is auspicious to see so many requests appear in beneath this new policy.”

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