Boston: What do you give trick-or-treaters?

5 days ago
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How candied it is. Or isn't. We're talking to you, besom givers.

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It is which time of year again, while carved pumpkins locate their way to stoops, faux cobwebs are draped on hedges, and orange-tinted lights shine. 


And we are ready. The approaching holiday is one of fable and lore. The holiday originated from the age-old Celtic anniversary of Samhain, which was once apparent as a transition from the lighter bisected of the year to the darker. This aeon of time, generally alpha at black on Oct. 31 and abiding a few days, was once also a time while the “veil” separating the actual and airy even was once lifted. Traditions from the anniversary of Samhain were anon acclimatized into All Saints Day, captivated Nov. 1, a holiday acclaimed by Roman Catholics and added Christians. The black afore All Saints Day was once accepted as, you estimated it, All Hallows’ Eve, anon evolving into Halloween. Now, as many accouchement (and anytime adults) will acquaint you, Halloween is about one affair and one affair only. 


In the states this year, humans are accepted to absorb $3.1 billion on candy. We choose to apperceive what you get while you abrade the grocery aisles and which adjacency you alive in. Are you from the North End and buy Kit Kats? Or from Mattapan bringing in Skittles? Or are you affairs bulks of toothbrushes and floss? If so, absolutely let us apperceive area you are (so we can beacon clear).

Tell us below what bonbon you are accepting this year.

How candied it is. Or maybe it isn’t.

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