Ford Puts Brakes On Deliveries Amid Parts Shortages, Supply Chain Issues

2 days ago

Ford Motor Co. is dabbling aircraft of its famous F-series auto barter and added models because is would nothave abundant of its egg-shaped nameplates to put on the vehicles, the Wall Street Journal appear Friday.

The aggregation curtailment underscored the post-pandemic delivery alternation challenges Ford and its competitors are facing. In particular, a computer-chip curtailment has slowed deliveries all through the industry. The chips are all-important for protection appearance to function, including automated braking systems, advancement cameras and airbag deployment.

Ford beforehand answered it didn't have abundant genitalia to complete authoritative up to 45,000 pickups and SUVs. General Motors, Daimler Chrysler and about each added large automaker have fabricated agnate announcements this year.

On Monday, Ford answered the supplier clasp would charge it $1 billion further than expected. The delivery curtailment has led Ford and added auto makers to decrease operations and briefly bang plants.

Auto industry analysts at AlixPartners anticipation the curtailment to aftermost into 2024.

Shares of Ford (F) alone $0.61, or 4.74%, to $12.16 in backward trading Friday.

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