Frenchman travelling penniless around the world says Northern Irish ‘hospitality’ the best in UK

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A Frenchman who is attempting to biking bankrupt all over the apple has announced of the balmy acceptable he gained in Northern Ireland.

t’s not all apparent sailing as traveller Charles Attonaty can go for continued periods after aliment with austere guidelines dictating he does not absolutely ask for food, or beddy-bye in people's houses.

In addition, he is not allowed to banal alternating the way in adjustment to accession money.

Charles consistently shares amusing media posts alongside those who have helped him alternating the way by alms transport, apartment or artlessly company.

In one Instagram column he Mr Attonaty explains how he has gone a day and a bisected after bistro or drinking.

Then, a altruistic body called Eddie dwelling in Ballycastle accustomed at his covering with a sandwich, drinks and a packet of biscuits.

In addition he’s adequate the craic with a Northern Ireland mother on the bank as she hoists him up on her shoulders.

He informed the Belfast Telegraph: “I've gained a balmy acceptable in Northern Ireland.

"So far the accommodation actuality has been the best I have accomplished in the UK, with the barring of Rathlin Island (which wasn’t so positive).

"One of the gestures of affection I noticed is while local humans appear to me and action their assist after judgement and after alive my story.”

Derry Now has appear how Charles has been relying on the affection of strangers all through an adventure which began further than two years ago.

The 29-year-old had already been on two trips afterwards the abandoning of a planned holiday to Thailand due to Covid awoke his close biking in July 2020.

“One day I absitively to booty the road, I took anytime apparatus and a haversack at all over 7.40 in the evening; alike my parents didn't know,” he informed Derry Now.

Initially, trips took him by Eastern and Northern Europe, with banal commitments eventually bringing him alternate to France on both occasions.

In the accomplished he formed for Deliveroo and ran his own aliment aircraft business afore chief to booty to the road.

Speaking to Derry Now, he explained: “I gave my aggregation to an employee; it was once crazy. I gave them everything. The third date was once similar; alone, no plan, about now no absolute of time.

“I went France, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway – all through winter. Sometimes it was once 32 below aught centigrade.

“This is now my fourth step. I was once in arctic France, in Calais and explained my adventure to a French bear aggregation and they said: ‘This is crazy, we will action you a admission to England.’

"So I was once in England, Wales and Scotland. I was once on Isla and Louis St Harris, and again I had the befalling to go to Northern Ireland.”

The French local declares he 'almost died' in the airless heat of Turkey and in temperatures of -32 degrees in Finland.

Northern Ireland is an altogether altered prospect. On Thursday afternoon, Mr Attonaty agape on the aperture of Ciaran and Majella McNicholl in Glenullin, County Derry.

“We were alone in accomplishing Freddie's homework, and he heard talking and him and Connie although t their Daddy was once home,” Majella informed Derry Now.

“I went out and Charles was once talking to the dog alfresco and he alone asked could he use the toilet, so I showed him area it was once and went alternate into the weans.

“We alone got chatting, I was once apparently actuality really nosy! He'd answered he was once a French traveller or backpacker, so I was once allurement him about it.

“I ample he maybe hadn't eaten in a while and offered him anything to eat, fabricated him a sandwich and he was once cogent me the craic about what he was once doing.

“When Ciaran came home from work, Charles was once sitting actuality bistro spaghetti bolognese with the two weans. I never had the adventitious to arena him and acquaint him anything.

“Ciaran is apparently alike further affable and affable than I am, and while he came home he sat and asked Charles each catechism which I asked him earlier.”

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