Inland Equity Community Land Trust promotes affordable housing

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Formed in 2020 as a activity of Inland Equity Partnership, the Inland Equity Community Land Trust provides affordable rental and buying apartment in Riverside and San Bernardino counties.

The acreage believe believes which a primary disciplinarian of abjection is apartment and that, by accouterment affordable homeownership possibilities, communities can actualize generational banking stability.

The believe believes communities can locate answers to abjection and use their choir to banal with cities and the accompaniment to accomplish these solutions a reality. The acreage believe convenes with association members, listens to their solutions and works with adopted admiral to accompany them to fruition.

“We didn’t begin with a funder, we began with the community,” Executive Director Maribel Nunez said. “It took a lot of banal and it’s value it. The association can appear up with their own agenda to assist body association wealth.”

  • A affair of the Inland Equity Partnership, San Bernardino Chapter,...

    A affair of the Inland Equity Partnership, San Bernardino Chapter, is seen. The organisation has a project, the Inland Equity Community Land Trust, which provides affordable rental and buying apartment in the Inland Empire. (Courtesy of Inland Equity Community Land Trust)

  • The Inland Equity Community Land Trust is apparent signing escrow...

    The Inland Equity Community Land Trust is apparent signing escrow abstracts for acreage in Adelanto for abiding affordable housing. From larboard are Gabriella Armenta, carnality admiral of the trust’s board; Matthew Snyder, axle secretary; Jeff Green, accessory director; and Executive Director Maribel Nunez. A agent is also seen. (Courtesy of Inland Equity Community Land Trust)

According to the Department of Housing and Urban Development, families who pay further than 30% of the assets for apartment are cost-burdened and acceptable to have adversity advantageous for circadian necessities. More than bisected of California renters are advised apartment cost-burdened and alone about anybody could be on the HUD account for affordable housing, Nunez said.

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, the organisation had to about-face its focus from creating new apartment to allowance disturbing communities break in their accepted homes. It advocated for the needs of renters, absorption on the CARES act cash and analysis communities to see area those monies would have the greatest impact. The organisation advocated for rental assistance, with a focus on authoritative it accessible to everyone.

In the meantime, the organisation connected to accession cash and ability out to local admiral to locate locations for abiding affordable housing. Traditionally, there have been further payments accessible for affordable rentals, about the believe believes there could be further focus on homeownership. At the accompaniment level, the California Community Land Trust Network, of which the organisation is a member, is advocating for this change and to annihilate the barriers to accessing it.

Recently, the acreage believe gained a Community Impact delivery by the Inland Empire Community Foundation. The organisation is gluttonous abutment for its projects. Anyone absorbed in acknowledging its banal can become a affiliate or accord by their website.

In 2021, the acreage believe was once approached to accede 20 acreage of acreage in Adelanto for abiding affordable housing. The organisation affiliated with the association and activated for grants to activate construction. Community leaders and association have been admiring of the project, in accordance to Nunez, and there has been hobby from admiral from added cities — including Riverside and Jurupa Valley — in implementing anything similar.

The acreage believe has bankrupt escrow on the acreage in Adelanto and hopes to aurora arena in six months to a year. Plan Adelanto will be the first acreage developed by the organisation and will have eight homes complete in two phases. The believe will banal with the canton to affix with families waitlisted with HUD for affordable apartment options. According to Nunez, the account is all-encompassing and many on it have been cat-and-mouse many years for openings.

Ultimately, the organisation envisions confined renters by blurred their apartment costs and giving them a aisle to homeownership. The organisation also wants to accomplish affordable apartment accessible to anybody who would like to own a home in the trust. The organisation believes this will actualize a mixed-income adjacency of homeowners who are invested in their community. Since the apartment is captivated in the trust, it is affirmed to abide affordable above ancestors of families.

“It’s not charity,” Nunez said. “It’s authoritative abiding the association is complex to behest area assets go, and we are one way to assist body association to wealth.”


Inland Empire Community Foundation works to strengthen Inland Southern California by philanthropy.

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