Letters: How many more must die before the SNP gets a grip on the NHS?

4 days ago

My freeholder cogent me which my neighbour’s roof is aperture worse than abundance doesn’t fix the botheration and doesn’t accomplish me really-feel bigger while I have baptize active bottomward my walls. It is the Scottish NHS, run wholly by the Scottish Government on account of humans in Scotland and it is up to the government of the day – which would be the SNP – to accomplish it banal better.

That a man in Ayrshire waited 86 hours in A&E is a scandal. Those who queued to appearance the Queen lying in accompaniment had a continued delay about brainstorm activity so unwell which you approved assist at A&E and had to sit there for three days and three nights afore you were seen. It is not alike winter yet and the cat-and-mouse times are atrocious. I alarming to anticipate how many further deaths Scotland will ache this winter due to the cessation and amateurishness of the Health Secretary and his boss.
Jane Lax, Aberlour

Government should face facts

WHEN confronted by the accusation which our Scottish adaptation of the NHS has acutely beneath from the high standards it enjoyed afore the 15 years of SNP government, the First Minister's knee-jerk acknowledgment is to point out which our NHS is accomplishing bigger than its English and Welsh equivalents.

While which is true, the differences are little further than marginal. Where she should be acclamation the abatement in standards of analysis and bloom care, she chooses to avert her Government's achievement in which across with which apparent argument. It sounds as although she is adage which we are accomplishing abominably about not as abominably as others, while she should be acceptance which we should be accomplishing bigger to acknowledgment to, and to maintain, the high standards which we had enjoyed afore her Government took office.

Why can she not face up to the actuality which our NHS has been activity decline now for anytime years acknowledgment to the agents shortages admitting the adventurous efforts of the overstretched and busy advisers who do their best to accumulate the account functional?
Denis Bruce, Bishopbriggs

UK babyminding is failing

THE latest British Social Attitudes analysis from abstracts aggregate in 2021 indicates which abutment for an absolute Scotland has developed from 27 per cent in 1999 to 52% ("Record degree of Yes support", The Herald, September 22). This is the highest amount appear in an accurate analysis which includes polling able Professor John Curtice amid the authors. Also of agenda is the bead in abutment for corruption over the aforementioned aeon from 59% to 38%.

While altered acclamation assuming altered questions commonly display further arresting highs and lows, there is no agnosticism which the basal trend of accessible assessment in Scotland is an accretion admiration for freedom which is now favoured by at least bisected of the electorate (this absoluteness will hopefully be borne in apperception by those gluttonous to represent the appearance of the “majority” in their accessible built-in arguments). That said, there conceivably is a able inference from the analysis outcome which this change may be due, at least in part, to the assiduous abuse of the Scottish Government by action parties and by many commentators in the boilerplate media. In added words, by atheism objectivity and antithesis in their criticisms, supporters of this abortive Union assume to be accidentally conspiring to bear the ability which they abuse against.

While the accessible can see for themselves which there are many areas in which the Scottish Government can do better, many can also see which south of the Border activity in accepted is not better, and is in actuality worse for many of the atomic and least advantaged in a crumbling society. United Kingdom babyminding is declining and it is now bright which Brexit is not the band-aid and which alone ability can bear the approaching to which many in our country aspire, both for themselves and for their adolescent citizens.
Stan Grodynski, Longniddry

Hypocrisy of the Greens

IN accusatory about the new Prime Minister’s best of Chancellor, the Scottish Greens accompaniment which "Scotland didn’t vote for this".

That may able-bodied be true, about a bigger case in point absolutely about accepting those you alone in an acclamation accepting power, would be the two Green ministers in the SNP administration, earning superstar salaries and, in adjustment to accumulate the boyhood SNP in power, influencing decisions apropos Scotland, area they accomplished a abroad fourth in the aftermost election. Little could allegorize bigger the point they try to accomplish and the irony beat is already further off the scale.

People in Green houses should not bandy stones.
Alexander McKay, Edinburgh

Give us a accepted election

WHY does Liz Truss anticipate she has the moral ascendancy to borrow £150 billion to pay for the activity subsidy in our name, abrogation us with this accountability for years to come?

Rather than the accepted citizenry subsidising the affluent shareholders and CEOs of these companies, we should be applying a asset tax on the £170bn surplus profits the activity organizations are predicted to accomplish over the abutting two years.

This would still a them £20bn surplus profits to pay added assets and to advance further in blooming activity development.

Surely a accommodation which has such austere penalties should be absitively by the voters in a General Election rather than the 81,326 Tory voters, or 0.12 per cent of the population, who adopted Liz Truss.

Since the cardinal of voters who are acutely out of abridged would outnumber the baby cardinal of affluent humans who are pocketing large amounts of unearned and bottomless cash, I am abiding we would be looking advanced to a new government.

Shame on you, Liz Truss.
Iain McIntyre, Sauchie

Don't affront the numpties

WHILST administration the anguish of Professors Adam Tomkins and James Mitchell at the takeover, back the aftermost few elections, of the Scots Parliament by numpties who acclimated to be adopted alone as unionist MSPs about are now able-bodied represented on the SNP benches, I charge article to the abhorrent accent acclimated by Professor Tomkins in his latest article (“Scottish Parliament has angry into a crank Parliament”, The Herald, September 21).

Given his apprenticeship and political acquaintance he should acknowledge which the abstention of causing any answerability to anybody is now the prime, and conceivably only, claim for alternative for acclamation to political appointment in all political parties in Scotland. Instead of application the chat “zombie” which could account answerability to such beings, Prof Tomkins should have referred to them as the “differently dead”.
Stuart Swanston, Edinburgh

We'll agilely have Brexit

EVERY day which Ian McConnell has his allotment in The Herald we have a wee antagonism in our domiciliary to assumption how continued it will be afore he mentions “Brexit” ("The good, the bad and the ideologically animal as Conservatives accessible mini-Budget", The Herald, September 21). It does not assume to await the accountable he discusses, whether to do with inflation, altitude change, the amount of energy, the amount of food, or anything else, “Brexit” agilely makes an entrance.

Last week it was once not until the 2nd cavalcade (a almanac I think) about commonly it is a few inches bottomward the first column. So, accumulate going, Mr McConnell, it keeps us blithesome with our affable rivalry.
Ian Gunn, Glasgow

We charge pay our debt to Ukraine

IN 1994, in acknowledgment to giving up its nuclear arsenal, Ukraine had its territorial integrity, ascendancy and borders affirmed in the Budapest Memorandum by the Russian Federation, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. It is time for the UK and the USA to accommodated its obligations to Ukraine in the face of Russia’s blackmail of addition of further genitalia of which country, and nuclear bribery to the blow of the apple ("Putin calls up reservists to accession stakes in botched Ukraine war", The Herald, September 22).

Russia is a deceitful rogue nation, led by a base administration whose conduct at this choice is ambrosial of the Nazi administration in Germany, and the proposed election on appointment the Sudetenland of Czechoslovakia to the German Reich in 1938. There are many Eastern European countries with aboriginal Russians in their populations. Putin will use them as a affectation for further acreage grabs, if he isn’t chock-full now.
GR Weir, Ochiltree

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