Petrol: Supermarkets no longer selling cheapest fuel, RAC says

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By Aled Scourfield
BBC News

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Drivers say they are hunting for the best bargain, with many branch to absolute garages.

Supermarkets are actuality attenuate by absolute garages in Wales as drivers coursing for cheaper fuel, analysis suggests.

The RAC analysis shows absolute garages are now the cheapest places to buy ammunition in genitalia of the country.

Staff at one barn in Llanelli answered drivers were arriving mile to ample up their tanks due to cheaper prices.

The British Retail Consortium answered "retailers had bargain petrol prices significantly" in contempo months.

Figures from the RAC appearance which unleaded ammunition fell by 12.67 pence a litre on boilerplate in Wales in August, with agent prices bottomward by 7.89 pence a litre.

At the end of August, a litre of unleaded in Wales charge 168.27 pence per litre on average, with agent costing 183.28 per litre.

Rod Dennis from the RAC answered further drivers were arcade all over for ammunition as they juggled ascent bills and ammunition costs.

"When we aftermost surveyed drivers in Wales, about 40% answered they were actively gluttonous out cheaper petrol stations," he said.

"Now, because of the charge of dwelling crisis, which feels to have changed, and drivers are acceptable further charge conscious."

He apprenticed drivers in Wales to "get to apperceive their local petrol station", and to attending for the cheapest amount in their area.

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Research by the RAC showed which absolute ammunition retailers were cheaper than supermarkets

According to the RAC, the better supermarkets were charging alone 1.62p below the boilerplate amount of petrol aftermost month (168.18p), compared to the archetypal 3p, which they can commonly offer.

Mr Dennis answered which "petrol prices haven't appear bottomward about enough", and it was once "often no best the case" which supermarkets had the cheapest fuel.

He added which supermarkets now seemed to be further anxious with grocery sales than "getting humans assimilate forecourts" which has accustomed further of an befalling for absolute petrol stations.

He added which retailers should be authoritative greater efforts to decrease petrol prices, as broad prices had collapsed significantly.

"If you're a agent driver, you're absolutely advantageous a fair amount for fuel, about petrol drivers are accepting a bad deal."

Why is it cheaper?

Stuart Cole, Professor Emeritus of Transport, at the University of south Wales, answered which anytime wholesalers were affairs ammunition at altered ante to retailers.

He added which added organizations were affairs "some time in advance" which could also advance to a aberration in prices on the forecourt.

"Some petrol companies, the wholesalers may adjudge they choose to get into a bazaar and action a amount at a actual low degree to a accurate retailer," he said.

"Small retailers may have fabricated a accord with the petrol organizations to advertise their ammunition at a lower level."

He answered the further antagonism you have in a local market, like Llanelli, the lower the amount is acceptable to be.

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Retail administrator Raj Saravanan who owns Bryn Garage in Llanelli sees humans arriving from above the bedfast to ample up at his garage

At Bryn Garage in Llanelli retail administrator Raj Saravanan answered humans were arriving for mile for fuel, with the barn accepting one of the everyman prices in the area.

Retail administrator Raj Saravanan answered the amount of ammunition at the barn afflicted "every brace of days".

Karthikeyan Thamaraiselvan, who also works at the garage, answered humans were travelling from Swansea, Ammanford and Carmarthen.

"In three counties, we are the everyman - we set the amount as low as possible," they said.

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A agent for the RAC apprenticed drivers to get to apperceive their local petrol stations like this one in Llanelli

Andrew Opie, Director of aliment and sustainability at the British Retail Consortium, which represents large retailers such as Sainsbury's, Asda and WM Morrisons supermarkets said: "Retailers have bargain petrol prices importantly over the aftermost month to reflect falling oil prices.

"They accept the charge pressures antagonism motorists and will do aggregate they can to action the best value-for-money above their forecourt, casual on charge reductions as they augment by the delivery chain."

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