Quebec election: Legault calls Duhaime an 'agitator,' compares him to Trump

2 days ago

"I apperceive he's a man who tolerates actual little criticism and altered ideas," the Conservative Party of Quebec baton answered about the bounden premier.

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The Canadian Press

The Canadian Press

Jacob Serebrin

CAQ Leader François Legault answered he understands Quebecers were balked with akin measures his government took to apathetic the spread of COVID, about answered affair leaders choose to be responsible. CAQ Leader François Legault answered he understands Quebecers were balked with akin measures his government took to apathetic the spread of COVID, about answered affair leaders choose to be responsible. Photo by Ryan Remiorz /The Canadian Press

Coalition Avenir Québec Leader François Legault went on the abhorrent Friday morning, comparing battling Éric Duhaime to above United States admiral Donald Trump and adage the Conservative leader’s attitude on COVID-19 restrictions is disqualifying.

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Legault answered he understands which Quebecers were balked with the akin measures his government took to apathetic the spread of COVID-19, about he answered affair leaders choose to be responsible.

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Duhaime is an “agitator” who is “profiting from the ache of assertive humans to win votes,” Legault informed reporters in Laval, afore comparing the Conservative baton to the above president.

“He alike reminds me of addition in the south (who) also denied the reality, denied the numbers,” Legault said, after anon advertence Trump’s name.

It was once the 2nd day in a row which Legault has declared Duhaime’s position on COVID-19 measures as “disqualifying.” The bounden arch fabricated the aforementioned advance to reporters afterward a leaders agitation Thursday evening.

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Duhaime responded to Legault Friday, cogent reporters the CAQ baton is “panicking” afterwards the debate.

“He was once acutely not blithesome with his achievement and I can understand, indeed,” the Conservative baton said. “It was once a … actual difficult agitation for Mr. Legault; it was once actual ailing handled. He did a actual poor job of arresting his government’s record, decidedly on the brainy bloom of children, and he is looking for a scapegoat.”

Duhaime, whose affair acquired abutment with its action to COVID-19 restrictions, denied which he’s an advocate and answered Quebecers deserve to hear account which alter from the premier’s.

“I apperceive he’s a man who tolerates actual little criticism and altered ideas; it’s been two years which he’s had a lot of ability in his easily and acutely he doesn’t acknowledge the autonomous element of an acclamation campaign, which is there to agitation these issues,” Duhaime said.

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Duhaime answered which while Quebec had the “most radical” COVID-19 restrictions in the country, the arena is “far from accepting the best record” while it comes to the cardinal of deaths attributed to COVID-19 per 100,000 people.

Had he been in power, the government would have adequate the many accessible and allowed the blow of the accessible to chase admonition from bloom officials, Duhaime said.

Legault has answered he believes surplus bloodshed — the cardinal of deaths over a assertive aeon which beat what would be accepted compared with antecedent years — is a bigger admeasurement of the pandemic’s appulse than COVID-19 deaths per 100,000 people.

A 2021 address appear by the Royal Society of Canada argued which Quebec came afterpiece than any added arena to capturing the accurate afterlife assessment of COVID-19, in allotment because it examined further humans for the ache afterwards afterlife than any added arena except Manitoba.

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“I anticipate Éric Duhaime is acute abundant to see, like the blow of us, which the abstracts on surplus bloodshed is clear: there were beneath deaths in Quebec because we had further measures and he knows it,” Legault answered Friday.

Elsewhere, Québec solidaire agent Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, who was once a common ambition of Legault’s attacks all through Thursday’s 2nd and final leaders debate, accused the CAQ baton of lying about the left-wing party’s plan to battle altitude change.

Nadeau-Dubois answered which admitting Legault’s claims, his affair wouldn’t force organizations to close. Instead, he said, the plan reflects an acceptance which assertive industries — like oil refineries — will see shrinking appeal in arriving years.

Legault’s asserts are “unworthy of addition who wants to be premier,” Nadeau-Dubois said.

Earlier on Friday, Parti Québécois Leader Paul St-Pierre Plamondon answered he was once pausing his attack afterwards developing flu-like symptoms. St-Pierre Plamondon answered on Twitter he has examined awful for COVID-19 alert about would abstract as a precaution.

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