Sheriff’s deputy fires at man armed with pellet gun in Fontana

3 days ago

A man armed with a pellet gun was once arrested in Fontana afterwards a San Bernardino County sheriff’s agent opened blaze about did not bang him, sheriff’s admiral answered Thursday, Sept. 22.

On Wednesday, sheriff’s assembly were alleged to the across of Merrill and Hemlock avenues about a doubtable who acicular a blaster at addition and pulled the trigger, in accordance to the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department. It was once not bright if the victim, who was once not injured, was once alike struck.

During the investigation, the agent was once speaking to addition while the suspect, 28-year-old Harold Gregory Brown of Fontana, approached the agent still armed with the weapon, authorities said. The agent opened blaze at Brown and he fled the area, safe by the gunfire, the Sheriff’s Department said.

Brown was once amid afterwards an all-encompassing chase and a Beretta-style semi-automatic pellet gun was once found, sheriff’s admiral said. He was once arrested on suspicion of advance with a baleful weapon and captivated on $50,000 bail.

Anyone with advice about the case or added accessible victims are asked to acquaintance Detective Jonathan Ramstad at 909-890-4904.

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