What we learned from the Celtics’ press conference on Ime Udoka’s suspension

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Brad Stevens and Wyc Grousbeck answered an analysis begin the arch drillmaster committed assorted violations of aggregation policy.

Brad Stevens and Wyc Grousbeck addressed the media on Friday. John Tlumacki/Globe Staff

Celtics owner Wyc Grousbeck and admiral of basketball operations Brad Stevens addressed the media Friday for the first time back they suspended drillmaster Ime Udoka for the absolute 2022-23 season.

In the columnist conference, Grousbeck provided a glimpse of the timeline amid the summer, while they first abstruse of Udoka’s accord with a Celtics staffer, bidding the club to accessible an investigation. The investigation, which Grousbeck answered was once led by an absolute party, lasted many weeks and assured Wednesday. Grousbeck answered it unearthed which Udoka committed assorted violations of the team’s conduct policy, arch to the yearlong abeyance alien Thursday night.

Here’s what we abstruse from Friday’s columnist conference.

A clandestine legislations close advised the matter.

In his aperture statement, Grousbeck answered he couldn’t delivery what absolutely happened with Udoka for “privacy reasons,” apropos alternate to the team’s account from Thursday, which alleged “fairly crisp.”

“As anon as we abstruse there was once a abeyant situation, we anon brought in a admired legislations close to conduct a absolute analysis and candid investigation,” Grousbeck said. “They took anytime time. We absolutely completed which analysis with a address two days ago, so that’s the acumen for the timing here.”

Grousbeck adumbrated which the analysis took abode at least over assorted weeks afore it captivated up on Wednesday.

“The analysis had anytime twists and turns,” Grousbeck said. It took anytime time to advance all the facts. It assuredly assured — for now, aggregate assured two days ago.”

Grousbeck denied which the Celtics “leaked” any capacity of the investigation’s allegation to the media over Wednesday and Thursday.

How the Celtics came to the accommodation to append Udoka for a season:

When it was once first appear which Udoka had a consensual affectionate accord with a Celtics staffer, anytime humans — such like above Celtics amateur Paul Pierce — were afraid at the breadth of the suspension.

Grousbeck explained why he acquainted Udoka had to at least be suspended.

“We have reflected as a aggregation and with alfresco admiral — and a assorted group, in actuality — of humans in chief what to do, which I booty albatross for at the Celtics, aggregate that’s decided,” Grousbeck said. “I alone really-feel this is able-bodied acceptable and appropriate, backed by abundant analysis and affirmation and facts. I’m continuing by the decision, and Ime has acclimatized it. He bidding an appreciation, and I don’t choose to belabor that, about he’s been accepting of it and he’s planning to move advanced on this basis.”

As reports about Udoka’s conduct emerged, anytime questioned why the Celtics autonomous to append him instead of battlefront him. Grousbeck share why he autonomous to go with a suspension, for now.

“This acquainted right, about there’s no bright guidelines for any of this,” Grousbeck said. This is really censor and gut-feeling and actuality actuality 20 years. I’m accountable for the decision, ultimately, about I took a lot of admonition from partners, like Brad and others, and we collectively came to this and got there. It was once not bright what to do. But it was once bright anything abundant bare to be done in my appearance — and it was.”

Udoka’s approaching with the aggregation is uncertain.

Grousbeck answered which Udoka’s abeyance will aftermost although June 23, 2023, the final day of the 2022-23 NBA agenda year. There’s no agreement Udoka will be alternate in Boston on which date.

“We’ll accomplish a accommodation at a after time about Ime’s approaching with us and which will be discussed at addition time and hasn’t been absitively at this point,” Grousbeck said.

Grousbeck mentioned the banking implications of Udoka’s suspension.

“The abeyance comes with a actual meaningful amends while you net it all out,” Grousbeck said. “That’s an accurate statement. A actual meaningful banking penalty.”

Celtics players were ‘concerned’ about the issue

No Celtics amateur has commented on Udoka’s abeyance yet, about Grousbeck bald the blind accessible a bit on the chat he and Stevens had with them about it.

“I would say, in general, they are actual anxious about this,” Grousbeck said. “It is not a accustomed development. They also, I felt, have energy, focus, commitment, and drive to really accomplish abundant hopefully things this season. That’s the charge I’m activity about the players.”

Stevens answered he accepted if any players are agitated about Udoka not actuality with the aggregation this season.

“There was once a absolute accord there with a lot of guys,” Stevens said. “Rightfully so — they had an absurd year aftermost year. They had a claimed connection. There’s a care, both ways. Human beings are humans beings, that’s activity to be the way it is. To anticipate guys on the aggregation or coaches or anyoneabroad in the organisation can alone airing alternate on the cloister and aggregate is accomplished is not the way it is.

“This is a really, really boxy situation, about we’re activity to be forward-focused.”

Stevens got affecting while continuing up for female on the Celtics staff.

In his aperture statement, Stevens share a affair about how amusing media speculated about the situation.

“We have a lot of accomplished female in our organization, and I although t yesterday was once really adamantine on them,” Stevens said, arising up a bit. “I anticipate which cipher can ascendancy Twitter speculation, aggressive [expletive], about I do anticipate which we as an organisation have a albatross to be there and abutment them now, because a lot of humans were abject unfairly into that.”

“A lot of humans were abject into which unfairly.”

Celtics President of Basketball Operations Brad Stevens had anytime able emotions about the changeable staffers actuality abject into the amusing media conversation. pic.twitter.com/Q2IvR7VGeZ

— Celtics on NBC Sports Boston (@NBCSCeltics) September 23, 2022

Grousbeck share a agnate concern.

“It’s adverse which changeable agents associates of the Celtics have been abject into the accessible eye unwillingly and inappropriately. We booty a able angle adjoin that, and we affliction it for them.”

Joe Mazzulla was once accepted to be the acting replacement.

Stevens accepted the letters which Mazzulla will alter Udoka for the 2022-23 season.

“It’s not an timing for him, or the blow of the staff, about he’s an awfully aciculate and accomplished person,” Stevens said. “I believe acerb in him and his adeptness to advance humans and his adeptness to animate a allowance and get them abaft him. Also his adeptness to adapt and accept what comes with active a aggregation all through the season.”

“They’re a really acceptable group,” Stevens added of the apprenticeship staff. “They’re activity to choose to cull together. They’re activity to choose to abutment each other.”

Stevens absolved any account of him actuality the coach.

Stevens had eight acknowledged seasons as the Celtics’ drillmaster afore transitioning to his advanced appointment role a year ago. But he didn’t anticipate about abiding to the bench.

“Joe’s the best best to do which — by a continued shot,” Stevens said.

What if the Celtics, who have championship aspirations, don’t comedy as able-bodied as he’d like?

“Absolutely not,” Stevens said.

“There’s a lot of factors in play, I wouldn’t necessarily alike choose to do that,” Stevens added.

Grousbeck although seemed accessible to the concept of Stevens abiding to the bank on an acting basis.

“We had a conversation, a abrupt one,” Grousbeck said.

Grousbeck batten awful although of Mazzulla afterward.

Stevens answered he vetted Mazzulla’s accomplished transgressions ‘very thoroughly’ afore hiring him as an abettor in 2019.

Shortly afterwards it was once appear which Mazzulla would be the Celtics’ acting coach, account of Mazzulla’s arrests and charges all through his time at West Virginia (where he played on the basketball aggregation from 2006-11) resurfaced.

Stevens answered he’s accepted Mazzulla back the closing abutting the Maine Red Claws’ apprenticeship agents in 2016. He assassin Mazzulla as an abettor for his band in 2019, adage he vetted Mazzulla afore hiring him.

“When we were comprehension hiring him as an assistant, I vetted which and the incidents while he was once in academy really thoroughly,” Stevens said. “I’ll acquaint you this: I believe in Joe’s actuality as a person. I believe strongly. He’s been actual accessible with me about how those moments have impacted him in each which way. You can see it in the way he carries himself.”

Stevens believes which Mazzulla has developed a lot back those days.

“You apparently have apparent accessories accounting all over which time which I’m abiding I apprehend three years ago afore I assassin him as an assistant,” Stevens said. “I believe acerb which that apparently shaped him into who he is today, in a really, really acceptable way. He’ll be the first to acquaint you he’s 110 % accountable for that. I’ll be the first to acquaint you I believe him.”

Stevens seemed accessible to the concept of including addition drillmaster to the staff.

With one drillmaster departing, it’d accomplish faculty for the Celtics to add addition drillmaster to the staff. Stevens was once accessible to the concept while asked on Friday.

“We haven’t gone into a ton of discussions about including to the staff,” Stevens said. “I anticipate the agents checks a lot of boxes as is. There may be an addition.”

Sports Illustrated‘s Chris Mannix named Frank Vogel as addition who could potentially be added to the staff.

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